How to achieve Business Excellence in 3 steps.

  How to achieve Business Excellence? This depends on how you ask. everybody seems to have a different thing to say. The truth is, there is no magic formula that you can do. Only good leads that can you can follow to start walking the invigorating path to excellence.   If you have tried to…

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How to have a mindset of excellence.

  Excellence begins in out mindset. There is no other way to achieve it. If repetition is required for mastery.. mindset is required to achievement. Human beings do not take action if they don’t believe in something.   Think for a moment, would you jump out of an airplane if without knowing that you wouldn’t…

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JT Foxx, Excellence and Mylene Fernström

  Ever heard people talk about Excellence and wondered what all the fuss is about? Here is a paragraph out of my book ” The Book on Excellence – How to Become Memorable and Build Cultures of Self-Excellence” that explains the thoughts behind what Self-Excellence is all about and why when I think about Excellence…

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Measuring the performance of your Customer Service

customer service

  Measuring the performance of your customer service department is critical to achieving success.   We must agree to something. If you want to improve, you must measure. They go together. You can not take proper steps toward improvement if you do not have insights on what you should do.   However, many people find…

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Foundations of great customer service

    Excellent Customer Service is one of the things that every company in the world must achieve. Otherwise, they won’t survive in this competitive world!   Last time, we were studying what wast excellent customer service. We also discussed one of the most important aspects of customer service. That means being humble. Remember you…

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Excellence in Customer Service

Excellence in Customer Service 2

    Excellence in customer service is one of the areas where no business can afford to miss. Let’s face it, customer service can make or break a business.   Don’t you believe me? Let’s check something to realize how important can this be!   When was the last time you visited a place where…

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Achieving Excellence in Life

On our last entry, we were talking about excellence and how it is related to our life. But the most important thing we learned is that a successful life is not determined by your money or properties. We must remember that excellence is a quality that goes beyond the standards.  A life of excellence is…

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Excellence in Life: Tips on how to achieve it

Excellence in Life

Excellence in life… let’s be honest for a minute… who would not like to be able to live an excellent and marvelous life? I am pretty sure that is the wish of everybody. I am sure I will never meet a person who has the desire to have a disastrous life. Since people usually ignore…

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Excellence in Career

Excellence in Career is something that every professional around the world should be aiming at. If you are a follower of Excellence Management Social Media (if not, you should go here, here and here), you would have noticed that we speak a lot about how excellence is key that open many doors. It truly does,…

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