Excellence in Career

Excellence in Career

Excellence in Career is something that every professional around the world should be aiming at. If you are a follower of Excellence Management Social Media (if not, you should go here, here and here), you would have noticed that we speak a lot about how excellence is key that open many doors.

It truly does, when you are excellent, you are offering things that other people rarely offers... whether it is an excellent product, or an excellent service or an excellent whatever, you are providing something unique. That something unique is VALUE.

Value beats everything.

Are you familiar with the word commodity? Let's discuss for a bit what a commodity is. A commodity in the strict sense of the word is a marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs.

This is why you should be aware of something. Whatever your industry is, whatever you do, whether it is a product or a service, you are offering a commodity.

Nowadays, everything is a commodity and consumers are surrounded with so many different options for purchase. On a daily basis, you compete with other providers in an effort to be the one that gets chosen.


So, what can you do in order to get chosen?

I have already told you, be excellent. Excellence provides value and value brings customers, customers bring income... and that's what a business is all about... right?


How can you provide excellence and values?

Well, that is a 1 million dollar answer but don't worry, I will address it for free (a share on your social media would be great as a tip). So now, back to providing excellence. For providing excellence you should make every aspect of your business excellent.

I am not talking about micromanaging things but making sure that every stage of your company is working great. Let's see a few examples. For a company that creates violins, it does not make any sense to have the best Luthier in the world, if the purchasing department gives him wood of poor quality. On the other hand, there is no point in giving first class woods to the luthier department if they are not that good in their craft.

Here is another one: a clothes factory. They create outstanding coats, using the best fabrics available. But nobody knows them. Why? Because the marketing department is not making a really good job.

A good company is as strong as its weakest department. That is why you should tighten up all aspects of your company's process.

The toll of Perception fatigue on excellence.

There is something called "whatever sense you use" fatigue. This is something that happens when you are too involved in something and you start losing objectivity.

Let's take for example an audio engineer. An audio engineer who is mixing the next Beyonce or Celine Dion album after sitting in front of the mixing desk for several hours might suffer from something called ear fatigue. This means that his ears and his brain are starting to hear everything like if it were the best thing in the world. And the thing gets worse, so the more time sitting on the mixing desk, more objectivity is lost.

That is why sound engineers, take some time to fresh their ears. And then come back to the mix and carry on. This does not happen only with music. Leonardo Da Vinci was known for taking some time off from its creation to approach them later with some fresh senses.

This also happens to entrepreneurs and business owners. They are so into their creations that they start losing objectivity. What might be something good in their heads, it is not that good when the customer gets to see the final outcome. Unhappy customers can doom a business.

What can we do for excellence in career?

As an excellent expert, our main goal is to be an intrapreneur at the company you work at. We then try to understand the vision of the company and look to connect with your very own vision so we can enhance what you are doing, we can help you focus on what you are doing. Remember fresh senses can make wonders to a sense fatigued professional entrepreneur.


In this way, you will be proactive to convert your workplace to an enjoyable place to go.


Do you have any questions? feel free to ask them in the comments box or drop me a line using the form below! Being excellent is a tough race... but is one the most exciting races you will ever get into!

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