Measuring the performance of your Customer Service

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Measuring the performance of your customer service department is critical to achieving success.


We must agree to something. If you want to improve, you must measure. They go together. You can not take proper steps toward improvement if you do not have insights on what you should do.


However, many people find hard to measure the performance of a Customer Service department. We agree it is hard to measure. Most business owners get confused and sooner or later they become frustrated.


To dissipate any confusion we bring you 5 effective ways to measure your customer service. This will shed some light on what you need to do to improve.


Are you ready? Let’s go!


Measuring your customer service department performance.


These are 5 effective ways to measure how your customer service is doing. If you find any problems, do not get mad, instead look for possible solutions.


1) Check your sales.


This overlooked factor is the most evident factor that will determine whether you are giving a good service or not.


And it is as simple as this… if your sales are increasing… it is very likely that your clients are purchasing again from you.., and this means you are offering something valuable to them… and this is a kudos to your customer service.


This is not a pretty accurate factor, as a rise in sales could mean a lot of more things. For example in December, sales rise due to Christmas. However, when using this factor along with any other metric you can create a pretty clear image of what is going on with your customer service.


2) Ask your better critics: your customers


Ask them directly. If you run a store, give them a form where they can give you feedback on your performance. If you run an online store, program an email in your email marketing software to ask for feedback.

When you have the replies, suit up and read them. If you find something that needs to be improved, do it then. You can do two things with criticism. One is taking too serious on the wrong way. The other one.. learn from it… which one would you do?


3)  Measure complaints.

This is the perfect companion to the first point. If there is a rise in sales and complaints are minimum… congratulations, you are doing it great. If you are not receiving complaints, but sales are not increasing… you might have a marketing problem.


However… if complaints are arriving… then it is time to start reflecting on what is happening.



4)  You know your strengths… but, what about your weaknesses?


Welcome to reality… you have weaknesses. We all have them. One of the things that separate successful people from the rest is that they focus on their weaknesses.

When you identify the things that are lacking in your organization focus on fixing them. There is no use in celebrating that you are selling a lot when most clients are complaining about your product performance. Most sales… more complaints… is this logical? No! so start fixing it!


5) Keep your friends close… but your enemies closer.


It is necessary that you always keep an eye on what the competition is doing. Start thinking out of the box.

What if you send an employee to the competition to check how they fare?

Worst case scenario… they come back and will say… they treated me like home.. they are light years ahead of us.

This might shock you… but after the dust settles… you can start taking action to improve. This is the best way to measure how do you stand up against your competition.


Wrapping it up.


So these are 5 interesting ways in which you can start improving your customer service. These tips might bring shock, however, the aim is to raise the bar. To change history when it comes to customer service, and for that great sacrifices must be done.


If you have comments or questions, feel free to ask them in the comments box or drop me a line using the contact form.


See you on the road the excellence!

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