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Measuring the performance of your Customer Service

customer service

  Measuring the performance of your customer service department is critical to achieving success.   We must agree to something. If you want to improve, you must measure. They go together. You can not take proper steps toward improvement if you do not have insights on what you should do.   However, many people find…

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Foundations of great customer service

    Excellent Customer Service is one of the things that every company in the world must achieve. Otherwise, they won’t survive in this competitive world!   Last time, we were studying what wast excellent customer service. We also discussed one of the most important aspects of customer service. That means being humble. Remember you…

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Excellence in Customer Service

Excellence in Customer Service 2

    Excellence in customer service is one of the areas where no business can afford to miss. Let’s face it, customer service can make or break a business.   Don’t you believe me? Let’s check something to realize how important can this be!   When was the last time you visited a place where…

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