How to achieve Business Excellence in 3 steps.


How to achieve Business Excellence? This depends on how you ask. everybody seems to have a different thing to say. The truth is, there is no magic formula that you can do. Only good leads that can you can follow to start walking the invigorating path to excellence.


If you have tried to follow the path… but haven’t found so many good leads, I have gathered 3 important ones, that you can use to empower your way… or find it, if you haven’t already.


Achieving Business Excellence.


It was the year 2012, Neil Gaiman was giving the commencement speech for a whole graduation class. As a part of the speech, he gave 3 powerful pieces of advice for freelancers to achieve success, which are also applicable to every business owner around the world.


These have been good for me and also for many people around me. So, why wouldn’t those be good for you?


Ready? Set? Go!


  1. Be Efficient


You need to be efficient with all of your resources. Especially with your time. You need to be the kind of professional that always deliver your work in time. If for any reason, you won’t be able to deliver on time, contact your customer and properly explain the reasons.


If your history is good, your client will understand and you will be granted an extension. However, this should be the exception to the rule.


If you keep running into needing time extensions, you should consider extending your delivery time so you won’t need to be constantly asking for more time.


If you have a quality work… your client will be more than happy to wait a couple of more days.


Speaking of quality work…



  1. Do great work.


If you do great work, the information will quickly run around the industry and you will become a very sought after professional.


There you might run into a problem where you have so much work to do, that your time will be tightened. In those cases refer to point number one and you are set.


  1. Be a great person.


One of the greatest mood killers in the industry is people who are cocky and arrogant. If they do great work, people will be with them only because of the work, But I am pretty sure that people will hate every time they have to interact with them.


It is more common to see people coming back to professionals that produce less than great work but are outstanding persons than great professionals who are arrogant. It is easier to improve work after some orders. A bad personality… rarely tends to improve.


So can you imagine the powerful synergy between being a great person who produces great work… and is efficient? Let your imagination fly.



A combination of the three: Business Excellence


Of course this makes perfect sense. But Gaiman goes on to point out that even any two of these will keep you in business if you can’t master all three. Here is why:


If you do great work and are a pleasure to deal with, then most people will put up with a deliverable arriving a little late.


If you turn in work on time and you are a pleasure to deal with, then most people will put up with your work being a little less than perfect.


And if you turn in great work and you turn it in on time then people are more willing to put up with you being unpleasant.



Be excellent…


If you have two of those three… you might survive and drag yourself out of sticky situations in the current business world. But if you manage to master the three of them… you will stomping all the competition. The path to success has one main ingredient… and it is called…. Excellence.

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