Excellence in Life: Tips on how to achieve it

Excellence in Life

Excellence in life... let's be honest for a minute... who would not like to be able to live an excellent and marvelous life? I am pretty sure that is the wish of everybody. I am sure I will never meet a person who has the desire to have a disastrous life.

Since people usually ignore the true meaning of excellence and therefore, they don't live their life to its fullest. Many people think that a life of excellence is associated with wealth. The truth is, wealth is only a consequence of the excellence in our lives... and also... wealth is not associated with money or so many other things.

Life can be good... life can be different, we must take the proper action to pursue what matters. Have you ever felt like you are struggling to take proper steps? You are not alone... many people live trying to find their "special something"... and sooner or later we all have found what it is and many times with the help of a coach. Be coachable!

If you have ever felt like this... then keep reading, my intention is to put some light on this... let's go!

Defining excellence in life

Let's start by defining excellence. Excellence is defined as something that surpasses ordinary standards. That is the main reason why everybody thinks that having wealth equals having an excellent life.

But we know that is not true. There are many cases of people that have everything, but they are not happy. Could that be considered a life of excellence? No... A life of excellence is a life that surpasses the standard... and that quality comes from inside and out.

Every person has a different and own definition of own Excellence. A life of excellence... is a life with a purpose... if there is no purpose... there are no goals. If there are no goals... then strategies are inexistent. Without any of this.. life tends to be grey and useless.

Achieving excellence in life.

You need to be aware of something: You were designed to be excellent... you have excellence within yourself. You need to learn how to manifest it.

The first thing you need to do is to start being aware of all the talents and qualities you have... those are the tools and resources you have at your disposal to reach excellence. Once you have learned who you really are, things will start changing, Remember, excellence in life is a matter of achieving the life that is beyond the standards of everyone else... even your owns.


Excellence requires goals.

Excellence is the progress in the process to reach a goal.. and goals are needed to achieve anything. If you have never had a goal before... this is the best time to start.

What is your biggest wish? Your biggest desire?... set one huge goal... the biggest thing you would like to achieve... At this moment you might find it almost impossible.

However, when you start breaking that goal... into smaller ones you can see how that big goal... does not seem so impossible after all. This feeling grows when you start accomplishing each one of those smaller ones.

Set Excellence in Life as your ultimate goal. Then, establish big goals in your life that will define excellence in your context. And after that, start creating smaller goals that will help you achieve the bigger ones.

Excellence requires passion.

Do what you love and you won't call it work! You probably have heard this affirmation before. This is where most people get lost in the concept of excellence.

Wrapping it up.... for now!

A life of excellence is something that everybody can have. That is for sure. I am not going lo lie to you. It is not an easy process, but the outcome is so satisfying that it is totally worth it... a life lived to the highest standard possible cannot be replaced by anything else.

I have other tips to help you reach a life full of excellence. I don't want to put too much information in you for now.. so I will leave those tips for the next post.

Keep in mind that the intention behind this is that you should take action right away... start implementing these teachings right away! Remember you are the only one responsible for your own personal growth!

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